Friday, 24 January 2014

Lego and dataloggers

I need a data logger and the choice is very wide. I have a need to capture some temperature data over a period of time. The choices are quite expensive.
The alternatives are to use something like a raspberry pi. Very cheap but all really homemade and probably not as reliable.
Next up I looked at some products from EDU-Lab available from them directly or via other retailers. The kit might be good but reading the website leaves be confused to what I actually need. They have the wrong information of pages which does not inspire me with the confidence to buy since they don't seem to be able to tell me exactly what I need without me going on a training course especially for me some time in an uncertain future.

Another alternative is to use The Lego Mindstorms package ( The NXT) which I have and a conversion brick to plug in the vernier products. The price of these products is similar to the edu-lab ones.
I can now use the Lego Mindstorms to capture the information and pass it onto Excel.

A better route might be for me to invest in the Educational version of the EV3 which has the data logging software built in but this is more expensive but could add more toys to play with.

The standard vernier probes temp and also ones like pH can be used with the Lego system and have the advantage of an equipment design build to make the use more "automated".
I am still trying to decide which one to use. As for the money the EDu-lab one is slightly cheaper but would require being connected to a computer all the time to work. I can buy an add on for this but then it makes the Lego system look cheaper because I already have the box.

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