Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Python Programming

A new series of Python Programming is available on
Using a simple character I am writing this for younger students of all ages, covering some simple basics.
The pages have the code to cut out and paste into your editor to save you the typing. There are a few exercises to get you gong. Each week a new set will appear.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Problems upgrading Avast AIS all solved

We run a small network of 10 or so computers on a network. They all run Avast which is controlled by the Home Server.

The system had been running happily for a while. I bought a new ASUS laptop and this had problems with a connection speed when writing on the network. I reckoned it was the Antivirus causing the problem, so I removed it. Unfortunately when the Antivius was removed it seemed to take all the network drivers with it and therefore the network connection. So I restored rthe machine and we limped on with no bgackup and a poorly working Antivius that could not be uninstalled and would not update.

A few days later out came AIS 7. I did the upgrade on one of the Windows 7 machines and all went well.. So the net day I set all the other machines off on an upgrade. They all locked up.

After a support called to Avast they send and unlocking program which allowed all but three of the machines to upgrade sucessfully.

That left three others that would not upgrade and the ASUS still in limo saying that this fix wasn't right for it.

With an open fault I replied to Avast and with a hour or so a suggestion was made to try the new updater. It immediately solved the ASUS problem, which now had AIS7 running happily on it and it could happily back up to the Home Server.

The final two machines were sorted out a few minutes ago but a new awsclean file which did the trick enabling all the machines to run AIS7. Good Customer support has made me feel happy with the product.

We started using this product because of the Home Server can control and monitor the Viruses on the Network. We will probably continue to use Avast because of the good support, and its general reliability.

AIS 7  seems to work well with a few new features which I can see me using.